Clinker Dinghy Clinker Dinghy Clinker Dinghy Clinker Dinghy Clinker Dinghy

Clinker Dinghy

Grove Mount

She is a high quality clinker built rowing boat with a high freeboard built for use on the Lower Thames to meet the more challenging conditions of the tidal river.

Built after the turn of the century or perhaps a little later she was bought by us at the now defunct Richmond Auctions about 2005. She was holed, complete with a good set of oars and otherwise in very tatty condition such that she was at first unsold and we secured her post auction in a private arrangement.
  Because of the freeboard and quality of the build we think she could have been built by Messums of Richmond Bridge or perhaps Borgoines of Teddington or Maynards of Strand on the Green Chiswick.

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